Grand Cafe in Boulder Station Casino

Grand Cafe in Boulder Station Casino
4111 Boulder Highway, Las Vegas, NV 89121
Local: (702) 432-7777 • Toll Free: (800) 683-7777


Cleanliness: Excellent!

Atmosphere: Good!

Service: Excellent! The waitress & keno ladies were very friendly. They conversed with us and took the time to look us in the eye while talking to us. 🙂 I enjoyed the good conversation here.

Food: Prime Rib Dip Sandwich
             Presentation: Good!
             Aroma: Good!
             Taste: Excellent! This was the best prime rib sandwich I’ve had in a long time.



3 thoughts on “Grand Cafe in Boulder Station Casino

  1. Thanks for sharing this review. We tend to avoid LV when in that corner of NV, mostly because of the traffic… (we avoid cities in general for that reason…) And we usually try to find a place to eat that isn’t a casino (hard to do in Nevada) because we’re allergic to cigarette smoke. So my question is — how smokey was Boulder Station? Do you have to go through a smokey casino to get to the restaurant (usually the case)? We’d love to find a great restaurant without smoke in Nevada — we’ve only found one so far (in Pahrump), a casual, family-style restaurant. Thanks!

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    • Kevin saw a sign that said “only smoking in the gaming areas allowed” I didn’t notice a extreme smokey smell in the casino. The cafe didn’t smell at all. The decor was average but the prime rib dip sandwich was excellent tasting. Kevin and I haven’t been to the The Garage Brewing and Pizzaria in Temeucla, CA. We live right next to Temecula. It sounds like fun. Thanks for sharing Happy Travels!


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