Passport Book Stamps

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We filled our first page of the National Park Passport Book. I bought the Deluxe Explorer Edition to go with our first RV purchase. Many collectors call it “The ultimate adult sticker book.” If you like apps Eastern National introduced the Passport to Your National Parks app to record your park visits.

When Kevin and I traveled in our big brown van is the passport I started out with.

This is the first passport book Kevin and I  bought years ago. This one is inexpensive & smaller than the deluxe edition. They’re both great passport books.

The most expensive thing about this hobby is the book. The stamps are free but I donate $1.00 or more to the facility each time I stamp my book.

I also purchased a Blue Goose National Wildlife Refuge Stamp book. We like to get our book stamped at the visitor center. Then walk a trail in the refuge looking for birds and admire the beauty around us. The National Wildlife Refuge Stamp books can be bought at most National Wildlife Refuges.

I bought mine at the Desert Wildlife Refuge in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I bought mine at the Desert Wildlife Refuge in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ash Meadow Wildlife Refuge Stamp in Nevada

Ash Meadow Wildlife Refuge Stamp in Nevada











Also, the Lighthouse passport book is available online. The visitor centers staff are ready and waiting to bring out the stamps for your books.

Lighthouse Passport purchased online

Lighthouse Passport purchased online

According, to the staff many people come in to get their passport books stamped. We’re not alone in our passport book stamp obsession.

Happy Travels!

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6 thoughts on “Passport Book Stamps

  1. Great post! I also love getting my Passport book stamped! Mine is an old one that my father bought but never had stamped. I have filled up some of the sections and will have to go to the back pages if we visit any more places. I also have the Lighthouse passport book but always forget to get it stamped! Didn’t know about the Blue Goose passport so will have to pick one up next time we visit a National Wildlife Refuge. Thanks for the information.

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