Keep It Simple, Stupid

What I’ve done towards keeping it simple?

I’m in the process of donating all our extra clothes to the veterans. I’ve never seen our closet so bare. 🙂 The veterans are going to be warm and toasty with our old army clothes & old jackets to keep them warm. We have 3 1/2 month until we move into our RV full time. It’s very liberating to toss all the old stuff out.

How simple am I keeping it?

I’m hoping to put everything left in a 5×5 storage shed for $39.99. I’m keeping photos & special keepsakes only. 🙂 This is going to be a challenge of my downsizing abilities. 🙂

A Simpler Lifestyle

RVer’s are learning new hobbies, meeting new people, eating new foods & seeing new things. The more RV blogs that I read my motivation for this new lifestyle increases. My determination to get rid of our possessions so we can live a simpler lifestyle grows.


I would rather own little and see the world, than own the world and see little of it. by Alexander Sattler

Isn’t this what the RV lifestyle is about?

Happy Simplifying!


13 thoughts on “Keep It Simple, Stupid

  1. Haven’t missed a thing…well a few. Excited I held back a few things from takeoff in a fiberglass Casita but now a 5vr so we will empty our storage and I get my favorite metal bowls back this summer 🙂 Just wish I had more wall space…tempted to started a ceiling art collection 🙂 !!! Excited for you!!!

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  2. We started out thinking we would use a Pod to store a lot of big items and when we were done purging we put three antique trunks filled with only things that give us great joy in the back of our son’s storage unit. The few pieces of furniture we brought with us to the temporary apartment go to our kids’ homes and the rest of the stuff goes with us in the RV. It is a GREAT feeling to be unencumbered!


  3. We will also have a small storage unit. We plan to keep a few treasured furniture pieces and photos of course. After a year or two we’ll take a look and decide if we still want the expense. Good for you both for whittling down your stuff.


  4. We also plan to keep a few treasures in a storage facility. We’ll open it up after a year or so and decide if the expense is still worth it. Good for you two for whittling away at your stuff.


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