Mission Bay RV Park in San Diego, CA

Mission Bay in San Diego, CA

Mission Bay in San Diego, CA

I’ve dreamed of staying at Mission Bay RV Park since mid 2012 when I read Nina’s in-depth review in wheelingit.com. Kevin and I enjoyed camping here.

I’m glad the park is pet friendly. Our yorkie liked walking along mission bay with us. I also saw two people riding bikes with parrots on their shoulders. The park is very pet friendly.

Campfires are allowed in a container 6inch off the ground. Dutch oven cooking is allowed so I baked a breaded chicken, fresh broccoli and potato meal. (I’m posting the recipe soon)

Kevin and I bird watched at Tijuana Sloan Wildlife Refuge and went whale watching within 30 minutes of the campground.

The campground is filled with a variety of campers. The walking area on mission bay is beautiful. The sites are tight but doable for our 33ft motor home. Would I camp here again? You Bet!

Snack Shack is sometimes a social mecca for campers

Snack shack is sometimes a social place for campers here. Friendly Folks!

Great Ergert sitting by a nest another Great Erger would hang out with it so I'm thinking there mates since a nest was underneath them

This Great Egret was sitting by a nest while another Great Egret was near. The pair stayed next to our campsite.

We saw several pelican on our walk along mission bay in the morning.

We saw several pelicans on our walk along mission bay in the mornings. Also, American coots, osprey, sparrows & a variety of shorebirds

Bye for now

We saw Grey Whales and Humpback Whales during our whale watching tour.

 Happy Travels!

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14 thoughts on “Mission Bay RV Park in San Diego, CA

  1. We just spent a month there. With a bay view site, we were blessed almost every night with a spectacular sunset. Watching the birds was great fun. After our time on dirt and sand in Santee, we were thrilled to be there. Perfect setting for a city park:) Glad you enjoyed your time. Love, love that whale photo!!

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  2. Oh my, it’s an RV park now. That area used to be DeAnza Mobile Estates. As a matter of fact, I used to store my kayak over there at “The Dingey Rack.” Lots of older folks living there then the city decided not to renew the lease on the land. There was a big row over that because they were mostly old folks that bought the mobilehome under the assumption that the city would just renew the lease again. That didn’t happen. Those that could leave did early on.
    The land was supposed to be returned to a wetland state. Looks like theres no money for the city in wetlands but there is in RV camping areas.
    I bet Campland on the Bay wasn’t very happy about it being turned into an RV area.

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      • An area that hasn’t undergone development is Fiesta Island and for good reason. A lot of those little “Islands” were actually trash dumps and they weren’t to particular about what they dumped.
        There’s a new area of Mission Bay Park next to Sea World and the deal was that Sea World gets a little bit and the rest gets developed under the Mission Bay Park Master Plan. Everything was going along smoothly until a backhoe dug up a rusting 55 gallon drum of toxic waste. Everything stopped for a few years while they did soil samples and clean-up.

        One of the reasons that Fiesta Island is undeveloped is because they already know what’s under the ground there and it will cost a fortune to clean it up before it can be developed. That place would make a great RV campground. What was there, that I still remember, are the sludge drying beds, part of the sewage system. Dry the crap there and haul it off. Someone got busted out in the El Centro(out east of San Diego on the other side of the mountains) area for using that sludge to fertilize crops for human consumption.
        Someday it’ll be all grassy knolls like the rest of Mission Bay Park and everyone will think it’s always been that way.


  3. That does look like a really nice park. I’ll have to add it to our list of places to go once we hit the road. Looks like you’re enjoying your camera. Too bad you weren’t able to get a shot of the bicyclists with the parrots.

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