San Onofre Campground in CA

San Onofre State Beach
San Mateo Campground


San Mateo has nice size fire pits and good spaces between sites with greenery throughout the campground.  One thing we found out is we could use our campground parking permit to visit all the California State Beaches in the area for the day.


Kevin, Joey and I walked the nature trail at San Mateo Campground its a 1 1/2 miles walk up and down hills to the beach. Joey got so tired Kevin had to carry him.

This green foliage was inviting after walking up and down the hills. We heard many birds in the trees but rarely saw them. It wasn’t a good park for birdwatching on site 58 March 2015. The park is great for exploring several beaches we like in Southern California. Overall, we’re coming back to this park to camp again someday if our site is backed up against the field— $45-50 a night is expensive.


This is one of the peaceful spots on the nature walk.

IMG_5495                     IMG_5565 IMG_5504

My sister and her family visited us on Saturday. Using our campground parking permit we got  into Doheny beach free. We walked around Doheny Beach and the marina area. What a beautiful beach!

IMG_5599 crop

Kevin and I are camping at San Clemente State Beach in a few weeks so we drove over to the campground to see our site. We should be fine at San Clemente campground. The campground has a walking area and a beach entrance. 🙂 The train shouldn’t bother us too much. lol


We had a great surprise on our last day at San Mateo Campground Kevin’s niece and her family were camping at San Mateo too. We had a nice visit while enjoying a great campfire with them.

San Mateo Campground Birds
Turkey Vulture
Yellow-rumped Warbler
California Towhee
Anna’s Hummingbird

Doheny Beach
Black Cormorant
Brown Pelicans

What these newbies learned on this camping trip

  • there is a leak in the shower/we need to start doing our own fix its
  • wind might cause the dutch oven to stop cooking/this ruins dinner 🙂
  • friends and family can be found wandering around the same campground you are in/keep a few bottles of almond champagne and extra fire wood  in the motorhome for friends and family visits
  • always check places like altrails or bloggers that hike in the area for reviews on the hiking trails

Happy Camping!


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