What’s in a Storage Shed?

Bottom line is, if you don’t use it or need it, it’s clutter and it needs to go. by Charisse Ward

I’ve never had a storage shed before. My parents had a nice size barn to storage things in. Kevin and I had a garage so we had no need for a storage shed. Soon we’re moving into our retirement RV so we needed a 5×10 storage shed costing $68.00 month. Why so much stuff?

The beginning of filling up our storage shed.

The beginning of filling up our storage shed.

Kristopher (our son) left his storage boxes with us when he moved out. In a few month Kevin and I are going to Yosemite National Park and on our way we’re stopping the night in Fresno with Kris’s storage boxes. Kris is going to pick up his things from us at a Fresno campground. Then Kevin and I can buy a 5×5 storage shed. If everything works out this is going to saves us 32 dollars a month. 🙂 After, Kris picks his stuff up our 5×5 storage shed is $36 dollars a month 🙂


It’s surprising what people put in a storage shed. I saw a guy working his business from a storage shed. He also had another storage shed for his workout equipment and another couple had their T-shirt business inventory in a storage shed. It made me wonder what else do people put in all those storage sheds?

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11 thoughts on “What’s in a Storage Shed?

  1. LOL! And, the darn things are EXPENSIVE. I tell people I have the best of two worlds. I have a house (double-wide) in a 55+ community in Florida and I have a Motorhome to run around and see the country with. We made a couple of trips C-to-C and were thinking about another one. But We have so much “stuff” we would need to store that the cost would be outrageous. So we are beating on our kids now to take some of it, permanently. But they are a wily crew. HA!

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  2. We once had a storage shed. It seemed like every time we moved from one house to another, we needed to store something. Then when family came for an extended stay, we needed to expand our storage. When we chose full time RVing, we decided we did not need to keep anything that would not fit in our RV. Our kids got what they wanted and we sold or gave away the rest.

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  3. I had to rent a storage shed for a month when I had to move my mom’s things out of the assisted living place in January. I got a 10 x10 for $59 a month, which wasn’t too bad actually. Hubby and I discussed just keeping it for some things we are storing, especially off season things, but in the end, it’s still more money than we want to spend. We are quickly coming around to the fact that it’s time to start downsizing our stuff, and we actually took some things to Goodwill over the weekend. It’s hard, but I know it needs to be done.

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  4. We originally planned on having a POD delivered to the house to load with all the stuff we wanted to keep, thinking it could be moved wherever we ended up when we came off the road. We budgeted for the $100/month. Amazingly when we moved out of the house after selling it four months early there was no POD. Everything we wanted to save went into three antique trunks in our son’s storage unit. We kept what you would expect; the personal, family, sentimental stuff.

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  5. We had a storage shed at a local rental place for awhile. We paid $120/month! Finally gave it up as it had mostly kid’s stuff in it. And the kids had already moved away… The treasured stuff of theirs we sent to them. The rest went to goodwill. The hardest to give up were the years worth of dance costumes from Jessica. But knowing that a little girl would be playing dress up made me smile 🙂
    I don’t want another shed when we go on the road but Ron wants to keep a few pieces of furniture, just in case. If we have it a year later, we’ll address it at that time and probably sell it.

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