Donation Time!

“You will find that it is necessary to let things go; simply for the reason that they are heavy. So let them go, let go of them. I tie no weights to my ankles.”
by C. JoyBell C.

Once again, its time to purge the stuff Kevin and I both served in the Army during the 1980’s so I like donating to the veterans.

At times, it seemed like getting rid of the stuff was an endless job. I organized the piles of stuff as giveaway, trash, go in RV and storage. This is the give away pile this month.


This morning I had a knock at the door a neighbor saw the fishing poles on my driveway and asked if he could have them. I’m happy someone could use them.

I liked Everywhere Once’s post How to say goodbye to your things. It made me realize I’m letting go of the past when I get rid of the stuff. My future is calling me and its time to answer.

Bye-Bye-Extra Stuff

 Happy Letting Go!

Help with letting go of the stuff


7 thoughts on “Donation Time!

  1. We are doing the same thing. Although we are probably a year from selling the house, if I don’t get rid of all the “stuff”, I can hardly think about what I would possibly want to keep. Somehow I seem to have become the custodian of all the things my relatives saved. They are long gone, and I have no interest in these things. My favorite so far was a box of linens from the 1700s with a note that said “These should probably be in a museum.” And of course I’m thinking, “Well, mom, why did you not just give them to a museum, instead of packing them up, leaving me a note and then storing them?” Hopefully, by the time we are done, I will feel much lighter!

    And by the way, I was looking for a place to share this with you – I stumbled on a blog that shares great birding places, I thought you might enjoy.

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  2. I have a large family so when I downsized we gave away a lot. Even then I had a huge garage sale and then a give away pile and then finally I hauled several loads to the local Salvation Army. It is good to be rid of stuff. Now we recently bought a very small house in a tiny town, a house that is exactly twice the size of trailer in terms of square footage. It will be our summer home base. There were a lot of reasons for getting the house, the most important being we will no longer be stuck for the shoulder season of April and October trying to find a camping spot. The cost of the little house is less than a good campground for the summer. I must say, looking at refilling an entirely new to me house, that it is very nice to be free of all that old junk. I can buy for the little house from scratch all new (at least to me since we intend to haunt garage sales and second hand stores) to me stuff.

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