moving, fulltiming & xscapers

Acupuncture was invented by a camper who found a porcupine in his sleeping bag.  by  love the outdoors website


This weekend we’re moving everything out of the house. When we started moving out of the house, I didn’t realize how much junk we’ve accumulated over the years. I’ve had the donation truck at my home three times.  I used Craigslist to sell appliances, furniture and everything else. I’m so glad that is over. Our first campsite is Pechanga RV Park in California using our Passport America discount. Also, our daughter & her boyfriend are coming over for Easter dinner at the RV park.

Fulltimers Now

Fulltimers Now


I’m excited about the new xscapers club that Chris and Cheri of technomadia have started this quote is from xscapers Facebook group.

An RV Lifestyle group of Escapees RV Club. “Xscapers is a support network geared toward a new generation of RVers who have not yet retired and who have already, or are aspiring to, hit the road pursuing a full-time or part-time nomadic lifestyle.”

Xscapers Website 

Happy Fulltiming!


2 thoughts on “moving, fulltiming & xscapers

  1. Woohoo! Congrats on making the Biggest move you’ll ever make! Reading your mention of Craigslist took me back nearly 7 years ago when we cleared out our house and packed what we could of what was left into the RV. Whew! We had a garage sale — it rained; no one came. Our house buyers wanted to close and move within about ten days; we were in the middle of that 2008-2009 housing downturn AND in Michigan, so though we’d been showing the house at least twice a week for nearly a year, we knew this was our chance. Let’s just say some people got bargains of a lifetime! Good for you to make the decision to unload all that stuff — and have great fun at Pechanga! You’ll love Temecula, if you haven’t been there before. Try the pizza at Garage Brewing — it’s ordering pizza like you would a Subway sandwich, you tell them what you want on it, and how much. Excellent! Safe travels!


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