Moving Out!

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I started to feel like I had to get out of the house so Kevin and I moved our RV over to Pechanga RV Park most of the time we stayed at Pechanga RV Park using our Passport America membership. (Sun-Wed its $25.00 a night unless it’s a special time) After, Wednesday we’re moving over to the overflow area near the Pechanga market. It’s a black top area for boondocking.

Our Camping Gnome

Our Camping Gnome

This weekend we were able to clear everything but the refrigerator out of the house. Kevin’s sister is buying our refrigerator and is picking it up in a few days. It is a good feeling moving out of the house and into our RV. Its one more step towards fulltime retirement traveling. Kevin will continue working so we’re staying in RV Parks near his work.

Pechanga RV Park is a quiet park. We’ve met a few golfers in the spa and chatted with fellow dog owners. I see several people relaxing in their lounge chairs outside. The birds sing to us every morning although I’ve yet to identify them. 🙂

It’s a good start to our new RV lifestyle.

Happy Fulltiming!


4 thoughts on “Moving Out!

  1. I’m enjoying your process. We will be doing the same probably next year. We are already retired, but young grandkids are keeping us close to home right now. Love the camping gnome! Where did you find him?

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