Weekend Warriors at Lake Skinner in Winchester, CA

On Friday the park filled with weekend warriors by Saturday almost every campsite was filled with a happy weekender.

We went on one last walk near the lake and saw a few more critters walking around.


This tarantula was walking along the trail to the lake.

Western Bluebird

Several Western Bluebird along the trail

A California Quail with a baby walked the trail but were too quick for a picture

We’re making our way back to Wilderness Lakes TT in Menifee, CA.

I’m looking forward to a dip in the pool. California is getting hotter and hotter

Happy Camping!


5 thoughts on “Weekend Warriors at Lake Skinner in Winchester, CA

  1. Cool shot of the tarantula. Did you stop to pet it? In 3 1/2 years of workamping, I’ve never seen on of these critters.
    The birds of Shenandoah Valley are starting to come out of winter hiding. Time for me to get bird hinting.
    I am sure you will enjoy the peace and quiet Monday will bring when weekend warriors are gone.

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  2. Is it me or has Mr. T got 10 legs? Or are those furry feelers? Oh yes. Just had a look at a rather disturbing page full of tarantulas on Google images. Furry feelers plus eight legs. Won’t sleep tonight.

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