Cherry Valley Lakes in Beaumont, CA

We stayed At Cherry Valley Lakes in Beaumont, CA using our RPI Gold membership. I was happy to find a campground site on a holiday weekend. IMG_3770 Pros- friendly people, nice yard decorations, heated pool & jacuzzi, walking area in park next door, clubhouse comfortable, escorted to site,  full hookups for $10 dollars a night. IMG_3739 cons- tight sites, unlevel sites, freeway noise, older park with streets that need repaved, sewer connections are far away from RV with most people using three hoses IMG_3774 The staff was wonderful. I have no real complaints for $10 dollars a night on a holiday weekend. The fried chicken & cheeseburger meals are terrific for the price. If you attend the ice cream social be prepared for big portions of tasty banana splits, sundaes and floats. The comfortable atmosphere is a breathe of fresh air. I didn’t feel like a nameless stranger in the clubhouse. I even got a hug from the lady serving me dinner but I wouldn’t come back here unless we had too. The trees aren’t trimmed on the way in so we have a scratch on our RV now. Ouch!

Happy Travels!

Wildlife Spotting Western Bluebird Black Phoebe Crow Killdeer


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