Retirement, Walking and Domicile State

White-breasted Nuthatch - spotted at Idllywild Thousand Trails last year

White-breasted Nuthatch – spotted at Idllywild Thousand Trails last year

Retirement: Kevin has about 11 days until retirement. I’m looking forward to a slower pace in our lives along with a more flexible schedule.

Walking: I plan for us to do some walking trails at the national parks on our trip to South Dakota. In preparation for walking the national park trails Kevin and I are trying to walk every day. 🙂 If I could keep my food consumption down I’d be losing some weight. lol

Domicile State: Were organizing our paperwork so south dakota is our domicile state. South Dakota seemed the best choice for us. Why?

  • Florida seemed too far if we needed to go there for a domicile issue (were from the west coast)
  • Texas has some issue with inspection


I’m excited to start on our domicile trip soon. In early August Sturgis, South Dakota has a big motorcycle rally so were going to stay in southern Utah an extra week and see Zion National Park & Bryce Canyon National Park to avoid the crowds in Sturgis.

Happy Camping!



14 thoughts on “Retirement, Walking and Domicile State

  1. You will love the folks at Americas Mailbox. Plus the DMV in Rapid City is just TOO EASY after Cal. I mean, you walk out with your new DL in hand after less than an hour. Just too cool. Look us up when you get to Aguanga, John & Judi at #346.

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    • SD domicile was easy-peasy for us back in 2009. When we returned last year to renew our DLs, it was another story. Somehow we missed that we were going to need our social security cards as part of a new federally required licensing hurdle. My husband was able to show a document we got from the social security office in town (oddly, it was a simple, printed document that anyone could have created on a computer…..) but I got a temp license until I could get back to my storage spot and send my social security card in. So go in prepared and you’ll have an easy time of it.

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  2. How exciting to be so close to your new life:) Once you start hitting the trail hard and add some distance, you’ll be amazed at how quickly the weight drops off. I lost 30 pounds without even trying once we got west and started hiking. A five to six hour hike keeps you away from the food and with lots of climbing and rock scrambling, the weight just falls off whether you want it to or not. It works perfectly! Most of the best trails will have elevation gain and distance. Work you way up to at least 6 – 8 mile hikes. Fun times ahead!!

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  3. Placestheygo is on the money with the comment that hiking = losing weight. That’s if you don’t do things like I do, which is say, “I hiked a LOT so I deserve cake!”

    Zion has awesome hikes — we were just there for about the fourth time — as does Bryce. In both places, carry a lot of water with you. On the Observation Point Trail in Zion we took two bottles (the plastic kind you see for sale everywhere for looping on your belt) and ran out of water about halfway back down the trail; next time we do that one we’ll take at least three bottles. It was about 96 degrees in May when we did that trail, so take salty snacks and water, remember it’s not a race (and that you have to come BACK from where you’re going, unless you’re on a loop trail). We pass a lot of people who are speeding along, only to pass them later (I once counted passing the same group four times). Pace is really important, especially on hikes that have any significant elevation gain.

    Sorry to go on and on! You probably know all this 🙂 You’re in for some great adventures!!

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  4. I see retirement as graduation; moving on to the next step. Just like graduation does not mean an end to learning, retirement does not mean an end to work. It is shifting gears to a new adventure. Your blog title sets the tone for this new adventure.
    I use an app called MapMyWalk to keep track of my walks and find it pretty cool.

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  5. How exciting! You might get a Fitbit for walking encouragement. I got one a week ago, and it’s pretty amazing how it has motivated me to walk more. What is the inspection issue in Texas, if you don’t mind me asking? The yearly vehicle inspection? Just curious. Looking forward to reading all your posts as you start this new life journey!

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