retirement, kayaking and the weather.

Kevin is retired. 

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We’re staying in Southern California for a few weeks to get things settled with our paperwork in California. Then we’re heading up to South Dakota & Yellowstone National Park with a few stops along the way.

Kevin and I have a preoccupation with kayaking. I’m doing alot of research on kayak racks & kayaks. Were going to use the kayaks for calm waters, fishing & fun. My research is telling me to rent kayaks this year to see if they’re important enough for us to bring all over the USA on top of our jeep wrangler.

I’ve looked at the weather. I decided to move up North to hopefully cooler weather so my camping schedule must change. 🙂 The camping schedule depends on the weather and how much time we have. Its a good thing I’m flexible. 🙂

Happy RV Camping!


8 thoughts on “retirement, kayaking and the weather.

  1. Congrats! We love to kayak and would not be without one. We have a Perception 14′ tandem sit inside. LOVE IT. We would also be happy with 2 10′ or 12′ singles. I would not go shorter. Definitely get a sit INSIDE with a nice comfy seat. Ours are gel seats with backs that are permanent but fold down. Our rack was made especially for our kayak. If we chose to put a small aluminum fishing boat up top we could do that too. There are pictures of it (off the top of my head) in 2014, in July in one of my first posts, Salt Lake City, then in Mt. Rushmore, SD.

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  2. Thanks for following DJsEpicAdventure. Good luck on your own adventure!

    I have to say I’ve never been satisfied with a rental kayak. They have horrible seats, or none at all. The paddles are usually heavy and cumbersome. And they often navigate poorly. We love our sit on top kayaks, our own seats, and our lightweight paddles. We often pay the same amount for someone to shuttle our own equipment as we would to rent equipment but we enjoy the float so much more. If you have some kayak experience and have a good idea whether it is something you want to do very much of then it may be worth an investment to make every opportunity enjoyable.


  3. I sold my kayak a few months ago thinking it would be a pain to lug around on our RV adventure and I really regret it. I’m looking for an inflatable now. Too many great places out there not to have a kayak.

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