Oregon Cave National Monument

Oregon Cave National Monument
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Natural WonderLaura Lee the cave tour guide

Laura Lee the cave tour guide – The tour is $10.00 a person

Entrance to the cave

Entrance to the cave-
I thought I’d walked into another world going into this cave. The cave is dark with only a limited amount of man made lighting. The walls were filled with interesting formations. I’d squeezed through one spot then walk up wet rock steps to see more formations. I didn’t feel claustrophobic inside the cave just curious to see each thing the tour guide had for us to see.

IMG_4196Going on a cave tour was an interesting adventure. I didn’t get pictures inside the cave. I was using most of my energy making sure I didn’t hit the side of the cave (it was narrow in some places) The rocks jutted out onto the trails and if I touched the side of the cave it would cause a blackish problem on the cave walls. I didn’t want to cause a ecological disaster so I was very careful walking around the path. Who knew body oils could be such a disaster to cave walls?

We saw one bat flying above us inside the cave. I guess its bat mating season so more bats are moving around the caves at this time.

I loved it! I would like to do another cave tour someday.

Happy Travels!

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