Lighthouses, Redwoods,Roosevelt Elk & Radar Station

Klamath River RV Park

Battery Point Lighthouse

Battery Point Lighthouse

After having excellent clam chowder at The Apple Peddler in Crescent City, we drove over to the Battery Point Lighthouse in Crescent City, California. The lighthouse is only accessible during low tide. We were able to walk across some rock to get closer to the lighthouse before high tide. The most interesting fact about the lighthouse was it survived a tidal wave in 1964.



We walked the Lady Bird Johnson Grove in Prairie State Park. The Redwoods feel like a primeval forest. I thought dinosaurs were going to come out of the forest at any time. The sword ferns along the ground were beautiful but the Redwoods were stunning.

IMG_0530Kevin and I hadn’t seen a Roosevelt Elk so we went searching for Elk. The first place we stopped at was Elk Meadow in Prairie State Park. A herd of elk were grazing in the meadow. We were lucky!


The herd had several males, babies and female.

We drove the Coastal Scenic Drive near Klamath, California. The drive is a one way dirt road near the ocean. One of the most interesting things on the drive is a radar station disguised as a farm-house during WW ll.

Farmer house that was a radar station during WW ll.

Farm house that was actually a radar station during WW ll.


Happy Travels!

Wildlife Spotting

  • Roosevelt elk
  • Seagulls
  • Stellar’s Jay
  • Woodpecker
  • Black-tailed Deer

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