Thousand Trails Russian River Day 3

Bodega & Bodega Bay in California
This is the place where the film The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock was filmed.


Kevin hanging out with Alfred Hitchcock in front of the Bodega County Store.


Bodega & Bodega Bay had referenced to The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock in the stores & restaurant. These pictures are from the Bodega Country Store.


Kevin and I had coffee at the Tides Wharf Restaurant. The Restaurant and parking lot was used for the gas station, café and boat dock scenes in The Birds. 


The scene with the schoolhouse was filmed here. I had to ask the visitor center personal were the schoolhouse & church were. She handed me the directions and said, “Were all about the birds here.” 🙂 Behind the Church and on bodega Lane is Porter School in Bodega.


It was exciting visiting places that were filmed in the movie.

Next, we walked the Bird Coastal Trail in Bodega Bay but didn’t see any new birds but several familiar species. It’s a nice walk to the beach area.


Seagulls, Great Blue Heron & Sparrows


Harmless seagull on the trail cleaning itself. (no attacking seagulls or crows here)

Happy Travels!

The Birds 25 things you didn’t know

Crows Attacking at the Schoolhouse

The Birds Gas Station Explosion 


7 thoughts on “Thousand Trails Russian River Day 3

  1. Can you believe my dad let me watch The Birds when I was only 5 or 6?? What was he thinking?? I had nightmares for a week… But I bet it was neat to be able to see the actual ‘set’ where the film was made.

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