Day Trip to Santa Cruz, California

Lighthouse, Bigfoot & Harbor Fun

On our way to Santa Cruz

There is a museum in Felton, California called the Bigfoot Discovery Museum. The owner is passionate about Bigfoot so he retired and started the Bigfoot Discovery Museum.  When we walked in the door, he was in the museum talking about the local sightings of Bigfoot in this century. He had pictures of Bigfoot, stuffed animals, books, maps & more.


Our next stop was Santa Cruz, California. Santa Cruz has two lighthouses. The Santa Cruz lighthouse is in a surfer museum. There isn’t much lighthouse stuff inside but tons of surfer stuff.


 This is a beautiful place to have a lighthouse. 

Next to the lighthouse is the Lighthouse Field State Beach. At this park, dogs were playing on the beach. I wish my yorkie would play in the water but he just sits under my beach chair. The big dogs overwhelm him sometimes.


Next, the Walton Lighthouse in the Santa Cruz Harbor. The lighthouse stamp is in the harbormaster office. In the harbormasters office we were told the lighthouse was put together in 2002. We walked on the beach to get some pictures of the lighthouse. It was nice to be on the beach.


The harbor was beautiful. Kevin and I had a good time looking at the boat names. The two funniest boat names were– Double Portions & In A Meeting


Johnny’s Restaurant has a good harbor clam chowder at the Santa Cruz Harbor.

Happy Travels!

Pictures takes with Canon Rebel & iphone

We camped at Thousand Trails Morgan Hills


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