Learning to Pick a Campground

Learning to pick a campground

Making a reservation is a big deal. If I mess up the reservation we lose money & time. If I don’t make a reservation sometimes an excellent place with a view or a campground next to something we like is gone.

I use my day planner, computer, written maps & word of mouth to find a good campground. The highlights places are our membership parks.


RV Park Reviews has saved me from a mistake a few times. Knowing what other campers think of a campground is valuable to me.

Me trying to make a reservation

I use the phone or computer to make a reservation.

I try not to get too excited about staying somewhere. If I make a emotional decision instead of a logical decision (all the facts) we could end up in a place like in the 1972 Bert Reynolds movie Deliverance.


I try to ask question before I leap into a reservation. I ask things like:

  • Are pets allowed?
  • hook-ups or no hook-ups
  • wifi?
  • satellite?
  • Is the pool heated? Spa?
  • view?
  • can you email me the reservation?
  • dump station available?

Everyone has different question to ask before making a reservation. I’m learning to ask questions?

What do you ask before making a reservation?

Happy Travels!


4 thoughts on “Learning to Pick a Campground

  1. I agree, word of mouth is the best way to find a campground. When calling a campground I always ask if the site is long enough and wide enough for our rig. If the site is back in I ask if there are any trees or other objects in the way which would make it difficult to get in. If I am making a reservation on line if there is any doubt about a site I will always call before reserving.

    My favorite on line source for deciding where to camp is reading blogs by other RV’ers. I also have several other online sources that I find very helpful.

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      • Thanks! Before we left for Alaska we met with camping friends who had made the trip the year before in a fifth wheel about three feet longer than ours. They provided me with a campground list that was very useful. I knew we would be able to fit in every campground on their list! I hope my list is helpful to other RV’ers making the journey to Alaska.


  2. Good article. Some travelers prefer to drive until they drop and then discover they don’t have a spot to park and Walmart is another 100 miles away. Others make detail plans. We have a general idea where we will stop and make reservations by noon of travel day. In the 3+ years of our traveling, we’ve discovered 90% of the park’s where we’ve stopped have lousy wifi. We do make sure they accept pets since we have two.

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