Jeep Trails near Laughlin, Nevada

Grapevine Canyon


The trail to Christmas Tree Pass leads to Grapevine Canyon. The canyon has a 1/4 mile walk to see the petrogyphs. The petrogyphs are ornate. Its very quiet in the canyon. Its a beautiful area.

Petrogyphs are like reading an ancient persons autobiography. It’s an incredible experience seeing the art or writings of someone born so long ago. Easy Trail


We saw a father and son walking to the canyon. The father had a simple explanation for the writings on the rocks he said, “They saw good hunting then they wrote about it.” 🙂  Keep driving to see the Christmas Tree Pass

Christmas Tree Pass


The Christmas tree trail is about 12 miles in length. This is a one-way trail. It’s recommended for 4-wheel drive vehicles. It was a good trail. I’d do it again.

IMG_1994 IMG_2004

The usual weird rock formations in the desert.


Along the christmas tree pass trail, several big bushes have christmas tree decorations on them. Visitors can add their own decorations.


Some of the visitors had a sense of humor. I almost rescued this pink doll but I didn’t have any scissors with me to cut her loose. 🙂


Happy Trails!


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