Geocaching in Laughlin, Nevada


Geocaching is my favorite outside game. I was surprised to find geochaches in Laughlin, Nevada. I shouldn’t be surprised geocaches are everywhere. The two geocaches we found were small but exciting to find. Geocaching is like a treasure hunt and I like to hunt for treasure. It was a victory to find these geocaches in laughlin.


We played the game at the Colorado Belle. —Laughlin High Roller —-

This one was very small but the hints on the geocache app were excellent.

The best hint on this hunt was -Which ringer?


We played the game at the Pioneer Casino. — Making Wind  –The wind hint was the best on this geocache.

Each geocache was fun to find.

My adrenaline was pumping.

My passion for the game was strong. I loved it!

Happy Geocaching!

This website has all the geocaching information you need to get started. Geocaching


7 thoughts on “Geocaching in Laughlin, Nevada

  1. Because of your blog, we decided to try geocaching… It is great fun looking (and finding) the little treasures. We, I should say… My wife, she found both that we’ve looked for already. She’s so good at those hidden object games!!

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