Regrouping in Southern California

Kevin, Monroe, Joey and I have arrived in Southern California to regroup for our next adventure in 2016.  This is our campsite at Wilderness Lakes Thousand Trails in Menifee, CA. Monroe (our cat) is having fun exploring the campsite. Joey is loving the new places to walk at the campground.

Kevin and I are going to be:

  • visiting with family & our 2 daughters that live in the area
  • buying a new laptop- I spilled water on mine and fried it.
  • get the RV engine & generator serviced
  • brake inspection check
  • annual physical exams
  • yearly dental exam
  • storage cleaned out
  • cleaning out the RV of junk
  • relaxing
  • fixing our ripped couch

Our new 2014 couch ripped at the seam a week ago. I’m looking into how to repair it. Thank God for You Tube! Any ideas would be appreciated!

I have a tentative travel schedule for next year made out but the schedule always changes depending on the weather and family.

I’m organizing the blog while I’m in Southern California so there might be some changes. I hope for the better.

Happy Travels!

Photo Challenge – Eye Spy life for a fulltime rver



4 thoughts on “Regrouping in Southern California

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