What’s Travel Day?

There’s nothing not to like about it. The freedom of being able to pull up, stop, power up anywhere you want – beach or whatever. Set up and have your front yard different every single day. Whatever you want it to be, and to see the country that way – it’s awesome.
Matthew McConaughey, Actor
The Ellen Show
October 10, 2005

When I say “Its travel day” most people think this

I made this post to clear up misconceptions anyone has when I say in an excited voice “Its travel day!”

Travel day is a big deal to us. Its the day we move from one campsite to another campsite. Its an exciting time for us. Our adrenaline kicks in and we’re ready to go explore new places but we have several thing to do before taking off safely.

On the start of travel day. We fill up the Yeti’s.


Then after a good caffeine fix.

  • Eat a power bar or granola bar for breakfast
  • I make sure we have healthy travel snacks. (nuts & fruits mostly)
  • I shut the propane off.
  • I check the refrigerator for any food that could fall out. I put towels around the food. This stops the food from falling out.
  • Then I check all the cupboards & doors to make sure nothing could open up while were driving down the road. When I open the cupboards, I put my hand in the shape of a baseball mitt. 🙂
  • I move anything that could get in the way of the slides coming in.
  • Kevin calls me on the walkie talkie to tell me if all is clear to move the slides in.
  • After, the sides are in we put the levelers up and remove the yellow pads under the levelers.

Then, dump the tanks in the right order & unhooking all the hoses.

Also, once the jeep is hooked up we check all the jeep & rv lights & the air pressure in the tires.

 Travel Miles: Under 250 miles a day.(most of the time)

We’re traveling to Quartzsite, Arizona to meet new rv club friends & see the big tent show. I’m trying not to overwhelm myself with too many social events at Quartzsite but there are so many friendly people here and I’m an introvert. I’ve got to meet rv friends so here we go.  🙂

Be safe out there!

Happy Travel Day!




6 thoughts on “What’s Travel Day?

  1. Every RV’er has a travel day routine. We have ours down to a science and if someone in the campground walks up to start a conversation with either one of us at that time we might end up forgetting something important. It’s happened more than once!

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  2. We all do have our own procedures don’t we for setting up and packing up. It is always interesting to watch others. I wish more people understood that stopping to chat during this time is such a bad idea. It really does mess up the routine.

    We have a residential frig. After having it installed I had to get creative for moving since the shelves don’t have that nice little lip that the gas absorption had and the shelves are glass…slippery! I lined the shelves with that rubbery shelving material that comes in rolls. Nothing moves and it is so easy to remove and wipe off. I also purchased spring loaded curtain rods (dirt cheap) and place them in front of each shelf in case something does move. They hold up even the largest jugs.

    Thanks for sharing your routine! Have a wonderful time in the Q!!!

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  3. If someone’s talks to us during our routine, we stop everything and then go back to the beginning to review. Or we politely ask them to wait til we’re done. Learned the hard way.
    One of the great things about Q is that we introverts can disappear into our rigs whenever we want to and nobody gets upset with us. It’s wonderful.

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  4. We’ll be there, too! Hanging out with a Newmar crowd. They said us and our 5th wheel are welcome to join. Stopped in the Kafa Wildlife preserve for a couple nights. Gotta watch those Clemson Tigers!


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