Kofa National Wildlife Refuge

Kofa National Wildlife Refuge is a nice drive from our rv park. The traffic in Quartzsite isn’t too bad at this time. We decided to drive over to the wildlife refuge and hike the Palms Canyon Trail. The walk is uphill but has a beautiful view of the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge. The visitor center is in Yuma, AZ. In a few weeks while we visit Yuma, I’ll collect my kofa national wildlife refuge blue goose stamp at the visitor center. The blue goose stamp is like the national park stamps but for national wildlife refuges.



The drive to the Palm Canyon Trail. There were several groups on the trail.


The sign pointing to the palms at the end of the trail.


Palms in the canyon are our prize for the uphill walk. 🙂

The walk is 1/2 mile up and 1/2 back mile back. It a short uphill walk. If your staying near Quartzsite its a nice trip.

Today were going to the flea markets in Quartzsite and Silly Al’s for pizza with the desert vista rv park members. I’m a real social butterfly now. 🙂 lol

 Happy Travels!



6 thoughts on “Kofa National Wildlife Refuge

  1. We made our first visit to Kofa last year. I am looking forward to returning and boondocking so we can do some more hiking. We did a day trip with friends from Yuma. The best data shakes we’ve ever had are at a stand just as you are leaving. Nothing but milk, quality ice cream, and tons of mashed dates…no date sugar! And only $5.50! Yum!! We did the Palm Canyon hike, too. I want to return and hike up to the palms next time. We also did another great hike to some cool tanks. Here is the post we wrote about the hike:


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