The Big Tent at Quartzsite Adventure/Xscaper Convergence


Kevin and I decided to try another social event in Quartzsite. We haven’t boondocked alot so we camped in an RV park in Salome, Arizona. Then drove to the Quartzside Xscaper convergence boondocking discussion. The Xscapers had a map on their facebook group that helped us find their camping spot. The discussion was lively & informative. It felt right. The Xscapers are a friendly bunch. I loved it! I’m glad were members of the Xscapers.


Entrance to big tent

The Quartzsite big tent is filled with rv stuff. Kevin and I saved some money so we could buy a few things. Some of the stuff we bought …

Folding 7ft Ladder $159.00
RV mat 8×20 for $50.00
Flag Pole Buddy $200.00 – The solar light on top looks like a flying saucer. lol
Sunglasses 2 for $28.00
Digital voltage monitor-$12.00 -Its small but effective.
Belt with initials $25.00 – They put Kevin’s initials on the belt right in front of us.

I also had my hair done at the big tent. One of the vendors was selling some hair products & s. I ended up buying some of his products. I hope it looks the same when I fix my hair but hair stylists have a special way of making hair look good. 🙂

A fellow camper Bill told us about a place that sells cinnamon buns near the big tent.  We decided to split a cinnamon bun. The cinnamon bun was fantastic. Thanks Bill!

I also talked with a lady at the North to Alaska booth. She told me about a few different routes for our future Alaska trip. Maybe 2020? or 2019?
-Going by ferry Route
-Gold Rush Route
-Rocky Mountain Route
-Inside Passage Route

I think our visit to Quartzsite is a success. We started out a bit rough but its working out.

Happy Quartzsite Travels!




3 thoughts on “The Big Tent at Quartzsite Adventure/Xscaper Convergence

  1. Enjoy reading about your experiences at Quartzsite. I, too, would consider myself an introvert, and found the experience quite overwhelming. Doesn’t mean I won’t try it again, however. We are in-between rigs at the moment, but maybe next year.

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