The Peanut Patch in Yuma, AZ


The Peanut Patch in Yuma, Arizona has a free tour @ 10 on Tues & Fridays. The tour meets at the store. Then, moves into a bigger building. The owner tells the story of the peanut patch, the different types of peanuts, how the peanuts are grown, how fresh peanut butter is made & more.

The peanuts are not grown in Yuma they are shipped in from other states. Because of the white fly epidemic in the 1990’s Yuma is unable to grow peanuts. I was surprised that a peanut is not a nut but a vegetable.

Also, a walk thru of the kitchen is included with samples of several items packaged at the store.

 Overall, it was a nice tour.

Like most food factory tours afterward I’m motivated to buy stuff 🙂 Yummy!

Happy RVing!



8 thoughts on “The Peanut Patch in Yuma, AZ

  1. Of course I’m familiar with Georgia peanuts, and I know there are also Virginia peanuts. When I saw the title of this post my first thought was “I didn’t know they grew peanuts in Arizona.” Now I know they don’t! I wonder if they have boiled peanuts in Arizona???

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  2. We sure like peanuts at this house. I’ll be sure to add this to our list of things to do in Yuma. Did you show a photo of peanut brittle-we’d probably buy way too much of that delicious treat!

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