Adventures in Casa Grande, Arizona

The campground we picked is a Passport Ameria campground it’s called the High Chaparral RV Park in Casa Grande, AZ. It cost us $15.00 a night with full hook-ups.


Thanks, to Pam & John at Oh, the Places They Go! I found out the Great Horned Owl  lives at the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument.


The two Great Horned Owl’s at the ruins are mated. The female moved inside the ruins to have her owlet’s.

I looked and looked into the rafters for the male. Finally, I saw him sleeping. He looked liked an owl. But what kind?  He had large ears. His eyes were closed so I couldn’t see if they were yellow. When I saw the large white patch on his throat, I was confident in identifying him. This is our first owl sighting. He’s beautiful!

National Park Stamp Collectors-I found out the Gila River Indian Reservation wants to protect their special land so the Hohokam Pima National Monument doesn’t have a stamp nor are visitors allowed. If you visit casa grande national monument that stamp counts as two stamps for the National Travelers Club traveler program.

Geocaching-found a geocache called Rock Bottom in an Casa Grande residential area. The game was fun! This is a beginner-friendly, easily accessible cache. Loved it!

Happy Travels!

Birds Spotted

  • Mourning Doves
  • Finches
  • Great Horned Owl

7 thoughts on “Adventures in Casa Grande, Arizona

  1. Must be the third owl moved on. When we were there, a third owl had recently move in and was perched in the very center. But someone else was recently there and didn’t see the third owl. Our docent pointed them out for us. Glad you got to see one of the owls. These were our first wild owls, too:)

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