Adventures in Apache Junction, AZ

After our morning walk, we drove out to the Superstition Mountain Museum/ Lost Dutchman Museum it has a gift shop, apacheland movie ranch barn, museum, lost dutchman mine treasure map exhibit, Elvis Memorial Chapel, picnic area, boot hill, mules & future electric train exhibit. The museum cost $5.00 a person. Its a small museum but if you’re interested in learning more about the history of the superstition mountain area this museum has the information you might like to see.

Superstition Mountain is an imposing natural wonder. It’s a beautiful sight. I can see it when I  drive down the roads of Apache Junction. Its located in Apache Junction east of Phoenix.


 We entered the Elvis Memorial Chapel it was filled with western movie posters and a life-size replica of Elvis. The boot hill as a few fun gravestones to read.

The 20-Stamp Mill crushes the rocks to make them smaller. The museum was interesting. I spotted a cactus wren singing on the roof of the museum. It was a hot day in Apache Junction so this museum was a nice way to spend the morning before the day heats up. 


Happy Travels!



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