Lost Dutchman State Park in Arizona

Lost Dutchman State Park in Apache Junction, Arizona
Treasure Loop Trail #56
2.4 miles round trip & rated moderate


Its very scenic at the top of this popular trail. We saw a family & several large groups of people walking the treasure loop trail. Kevin and I like to hike in the early mornings before it gets too hot. A young couple asked us to take of picture their family on the trail. Nice Family!

I wonder if this is the lost dutchman mine?  There are several holes in superstition mountain. So many possibilities for a lost mine to hide 🙂

While walking the trail we saw this Northern Harrier high on a large rock.


A friendly bunch of men were walking the trail having some “guy time” They stopped to rest at the top of the trail with several other groups. Busy Trail!

Kevin and I drove thru the park. The camping sites look good. I would love to camp here next time. PDF map of the park – here

Happy Travels!

Birds Spotted

  • Northern Harrier
  • Cactus Wren
  • Sparrows
  • Phainopepla

Other Links

Legend Lost Dutchman Mine

Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine



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