Geocaching in Apache Junction, AZ

Kevin and I went on our usual morning walk today. Then we decided to do some geocaching in the area. I just upgraded to the premium membership and bought the $10.00 advanced geocacher app. The premium membership geocaches are tougher to find. I’m not sure I like the advanced $10.00 app for geocaching but I do like the premium membership it cost $30.00 a year.

We hunted for 4 geocaches and found 2. Two of the geocaches were near businesses so we decided to look quickly and if we didn’t find it move on. It was uncomfortable looking near a bunch of muggles(non-geocachers). We didn’t find two of the geocaches.


You never know what you’ll find in a geocache. Kevin and I usually find little do dad’s but this time we found a travel bug. At first, I panicked when I saw the little tag on the black wallet. I knew it was something special but I didn’t know what to do with it. A travel bug can be tracked online. It travels to different geocaches. I’m suppose to do a few things when I find one of these.

  • log it in
  • make sure I follow all the instructions on the travel bug
  • drop it in another cache.
  •  log in that I drop it into another cache

 Its exciting to see something different in a geocache.

Happy Geocaching!




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