New Toad? Already?

I’ve learned when you try to control everything, you enjoy nothing. unknown author

We decided to buy a new toad vehicle. I’m going to miss our old jeep but not the stepping stool I used. My back is healing nicely but this jeep is too high for me even Kevin has a hard time with the Jeep Wrangler sometimes.

Kevin has been busy setting up blue tooth, uconnect, insurance, warranty info, registration & baseplate installation for our new Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk.

Its much easier to get into. I don’t need a stepstool for this jeep. I like how it drives. I’m going to be driving it until we get the new blue ox base plate installed.

We might need to change our camping schedule for the installation appointment.

Thats okay! I’m going with the flow.

Happy Camping!


11 thoughts on “New Toad? Already?

  1. Oh congrats on the new vehicle.May it give you many years of service without problems. We had a mini event like that. We took our truck in for maintenance and our battery was dying. It was only 11%. To be fair it was a year and half beyond the date we should have put a new one in but I really didn’t need an extra $100 bill now with the Canadian dollar nose diving. Oh well what can you? Go with the flow.

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    • We had the Jeep Wrangler paid off. I sure didn’t want to make payments on another vehicle but I got tired of the step stool. It almost collapsed one day. It’s better I go with the flow and buy the jeep Cherokee trailblazer than have the step stool collapse while getting out of the wrangler. I hope the Canadian dollar goes up soon. I’d like to travel thru Canada one day.

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  2. Congratulations of the new Jeep:) Did your Wrangler have running boards? I remember when we were test driving some Jeeps. The ones without running boards were sooo hard to get into. But the running boards make getting in and out so easy.

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  3. New toad looks nice! Do you mind telling me if you had to modify the transmission to tow it since it’s 4 wheel drive? Is it automatic or manual transmission also? Thx in advance. We have been considering toad options and neither of our 4 wheel drive cars can be towed flat.


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