Rincon Farmer & Artisan Market

The Rincon Farmer & Artisan market in the Tucson area was a nice surprise on Saturday morning. The market is a good size.  They had bread, fresh tortillas, food, veggies, organic coffee, fresh eggs, spaghetti sauce & artsy stuff.

The market was lively. A band played old country music songs for everyone to enjoy. The vegetable area was a surprise. They had a variety of veggies for sale garlic, broccoli, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, kale, herbs, lettuce, sweet potatoes, potatoes & more.

This market surprised and delighted us with its variety of products and size. I would love to come back to this market next time were in the area. Tucson has been a great place to visit.

Happy RVing!

Moving onto Tombstone, Arizona


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