The Wild West in Tombstone

Tombstone, Arizona

I liked the idea of camping close to the town of Tombstone so we stayed right in town at the Wells Fargo RV Park. This way we could just walk to the town of Tombstone.

To help set the tone for our tombstone visit the clerk at the RV park told us about Charlie the ghost. Charlie did an interesting trick with a chain for us. This of course proved that ghosts live in Tombstone. lol  Also, sometimes a cowboy with boots & cowboy hat walked around the park. This helped set the tone for our exploration of Tombstone.

A retired dentist by the name of Dr. Jay tells the tales of Tombstone on a walking tour of the town. He also stays at the park in an RV. Kevin and I went on Dr. Jay’s walking tour. He told us many stories about Wyatt Earp, how people dressed, how pictures were taken, the history of Tombstone & more.

The first day in Tombstone I was filled with the wonder of cowboys, gunslingers & ghost towns. We found a picture geocache at the O.K. Corral. Then, I started to look around. The town is basically a tourist trap. Tombstone has several gunfights a day, museums, stores, food places, music on the streets, people dressed up as cowboys & much more. Many people call the town of Tombstone a museum.

The boomtown Tombstone in all its glory.

Happy RVing!

The Old West


Tombstone Chamber of Commerce



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