National Park Travelers Club

National Park Travelers Club is a group of people that enjoy National Parks & Monuments. In 2015 Kevin and I started full time RVing. We’ve collected 18 National Park Stamps in 4 regionals in 2015. This is the award we received from the National Park Travelers Club.


The 2016 year goal is the Master Traveler Award in Special Achievement or Bronze depending on how ambitious we are in 2016. lol

A list of some parks & monuments we visited in 2015. here

This is what the cancellation stamps look like. Some of the National Parks & Monuments have a stamping station that you can get your passport stamps at. The thrill of having the passport book stamped and talking to like minded people interested in exploring the USA  is a great experience.

Happy RVing!


7 thoughts on “National Park Travelers Club

  1. I didn’t know there was a club. How do you join the club? I’ve been stamping my Passport book for a number of years and should get an award too. LOL.

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