Tucson Arizona Adventures

Kevin and I moved over to Voyager RV Park in Tucson, Arizona to pick up our mail, fill up our water, dump the tanks & take advantage of their pool area. If you have never been to Voyager RV Park it has 3 pools & 2 spas. There are many activities going on.

Good childhood memory rant- One activity is a lapidary shop. There are several machines in the shop here. When I was a kid my dad & mom drove me and my brother Jim to the Southern California desert to rock hunt in their old jeep. My mother made us both a rock bag from left over fabric she had. Our job was to fill the bags with rocks. When we got home my dad would try to shine them in a rock tumbler. It was one of my favorite childhood memories. I don’t know if I will ever get into lapidary but the shop is nice here.

The campsites are a bit tight but were making it work. This is Kevin in the photo relaxing this morning.

FullSizeRender (9)

We went out to lunch today. This is a big event for us since were on a retirement budget. I saw the Kon Tiki on my Roadside Attractions app.  I found the web site tough to navigate so this is the food menu. I don’t know anything about Hawaiian food so Kevin had to order. We split two appetizers Monkey on a Stick (marinated meat on a stick) Birds on a Stick (marinated chicken on a stick). Then, we ordered the Kon Tiki Club with Fries. The club sandwich with fries was excellent. I also liked the little sugary chips under the appetizers.

After, all the food we ate we needed some exercise so on the way home we found a traditional geocache. A family placed it here in honor of their first house. Finally, we found it under a bush. Team rvexpress strikes again!  It was a good hunt. (rvexpress is our team geocacher name) 

Happy RVing!

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