Birds, Geocaching & Camping

Kevin and I did two laps around the campground perimeter this morning. Then went looking for a geocache that is close to our campground. A new fence has been put up so we had to be creative getting to the geocache. We found the geocache hiding in a tree.

While camping at Wilderness Lakes in Menifee, CA, I like taking pictures of the birds  and relaxing on my new lounge chair.


This hot Canadian goose has been sitting by the pond for awhile. The goose keeps opening and closing its mouth. Finally, the hot goose went into the water to cool off.


This goose just stopped and went to sleep here.


Happy Camping!


4 thoughts on “Birds, Geocaching & Camping

  1. Well, now I know where all of our pretty Canadian Geese went! 😀 We enjoy them here during the winter months, but they head out once the weather starts warming up. I miss our geocaching hobby. We haven’t had the handheld GPS out in a long time. Need to go dig it out and update it. Have fun!

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