WARE Rally 2016

We made it to the escapee WARE rally one day ahead of schedule. WARE stand for Western Area Rally for Escapees. Here is Joey and I relaxing before the big friendship hour/raffle


We got to pick between several spots near the meeting area. Kevin picked a spot then two guys wanted to be together so we moved to another spot. We are too nice. We found a site with satellite, good wifi & bigger then the first site. Usually people split a 50amp site but our new site is 30amp so no one can park near us. Its more room for us so we parked the jeep next to us and brought the lounge chairs out. 🙂

The friendship hour/raffle ticket meeting was filled with people. We quickly struck up a conversation with two couples from the Sacramento area. Then a fellow boomer across from our table heard us talk about our hometown in Temecula, California. He happens to Winter at Jojoba Hills SKP park near our hometown. It was a good first day.

Happy Rally Time!


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