Lake of the Springs

Lake of the Springs Thousand Trails in California

We found a pull thru spot in site X-25.  This site has spotty Verizon internet, no at&t cell service, satellite good. The section with good cell service is I section. If I section had more working electric sites this place would be perfect.

We placed a Nemo trackable in a geocache near the campground. Hopefully, someone will find it and I can track it. The Nemo trackable’s mission is to travel the world one geocache at a time. A Mennonite bake shoppe is in Bangor, California. The Mennonite women are dressed in old-fashioned clothing inside the bake shoppe. The blueberry muffins were heavenly.

Lake of the Springs is a nice size lake about 41 acres. I saw people catch fish here. The wildflowers were blooming in the campground. We relaxed in our lounge chairs after a walk around the lake. I missed the internet but loved the birds, wildlife & wildflowers in the area. Kevin and I went looking for a farmers market but ended up on a fire road. It wrapped around a lake with several houseboats on it. We never found the farmers market but had a good adventure on the fire road.

We spotted two bald eagle flying around the campground store area. Kevin and I rented a two seater kayak for $8.00. While we paddled by the shore a bald eagle flew towards the lake looking for food. Its always a treat to see a bald eagle in action. We also had a good time seeing several deer in the campground.

Happy RVing!

Birds Spotted

  • American Robin
  • Pair of Bald Eagle
  • Western Bluebird
  • Crow
  • White-breasted Nuthatch
  • Western Scrub Jay
  • Acorn Woodpecker

9 thoughts on “Lake of the Springs

  1. Beautiful pictures! As you are our neck of the woods. I seen yesterday on RVillage that you were at the Yuba City Fairgrounds and then dicovered your Blog. Wonderful by the way. Then today’s email… A bakery we frequent and Lake of the Springs, that we have been exploring…Our story is six months ago we made the decision we’re going to sale the house and full time RV. So we have been doing research and more research, going to RV shows and driving to different campgrounds and rv parks. Spring of 2017 is our goal. Forty years of marriage and forty years of stuff…. Have to say, Thanks for sharing your adventure!!

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  2. We live in Yuba City- I noticed the rv’s at the fairgrounds and wondered. We are not full timers but we are well traveled. It’s funny you are at Lake of the Springs- we just called them today to see if we could get a spot for the summer- not avail when we would be wanting it. We have never stayed there so thanks for the tip on internet. My son is autistic and internet is a big thing for him. Will look into Emigrant Gap though. Do you have a spot near Yosemite yet?


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