The Thrill of the Hunt

They love the thrill of the hunt. Leslie Joseph

Not all treasure is silver and gold mate. Captain Jack Sparrow

The morning was beautiful so we decided to go geocache hunting. We camped at Ponderosa Thousand Trails so the drive to Dave Moore Nature Area was short. We drove in our Jeep Cherokee with our new travel bug trackable on the back. Track us anytime 🙂

The nature area was a breath of fresh air. We took our time enjoying the trail. I’d like to point out a few things about geocaching. Geocaching can be addicting. Its mentally & sometimes physically challenging. You explore new places. You meet new people. You get to spend time with nature. Best of all is….. the thrill of the hunt.

We found 4 geocaches. The first geocache was under some bark by a tree. The second geocache was in a ammo can. The third geocache was funny. It was called Big Mac. A rock that looked like a big mac was near the geocache. The fourth geocache was small. This geocache needed maintenance. We couldn’t even sign the log it was filled with too much water.

The day was perfect. The caches were fun. The trails were clear.

Happy Geocache Hunting!

Dave Moore Nature Area


3 thoughts on “The Thrill of the Hunt

  1. Nice post about geocaching. We are fairly new to geocaching but we have already discovered the thrill of the hunt. I’m not too crazy about ones that are hidden in the woods where you have to search underneath logs and leaves where who knows what may be hiding! Our most interesting find had a little tiny tree frog in the container.

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