Old Sacramento State Historic Park

We decided to drive into Sacramento to see the California Railroad Museum. I didn’t realize the museum was next to the Old Sacramento State Historical Park. I saw a quaint shops, museums, food places and a view of the river. It was a school day but it seemed like every kid in the Sacramento area was at the California Railroad Museum on the day we went.

Kevin and I hunted a geocache during our visit at the park. The geocache was in a cafe. My instructions were to ask for the gatekeeper. lol The person behind the counter knew exactly what I was talking about. I felt like I was asking to enter some fantasy world with a gatekeeper. The cache was filled with swag… face masks, trackables, pencils, etc.

We had lunch at Joe’s Crab Shack. I had a blackened mahi fish taco, a few chips and an ice tea. Kevin had his usual fish n’ chips lunch. I’m gaining weight so I’m on weight watcher again. I was a lifetime member in 2009. It works for me.

Happy RVing!


4 thoughts on “Old Sacramento State Historic Park

  1. LOL’d at the whole “gatekeeper” thing! 😀 Don’t you love geocaching? I’m envious of you being in that area. My daughter and her hubby live in the bay area. Such a beautiful place with so much to see and do.


  2. How fun! We love to geocache too. You’re in my old stomping grounds. We lived in Placerville for 15 years. If you haven’t been there you should take a day trip. Lots to see/do. Very historic.

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