Lighthouse Fun in June 2016

Cape Blanco Lighthouse

This is the westernmost lighthouse in the USA and the oldest standing lighthouse in Oregon. The tour of the lighthouse cost a small fee. If you have America the Beautiful, Access or a senior pass its free. While we were there I saw four volunteers on duty. Two volunteers at the welcome center and two doing tours at the lighthouse. We had a tour of the lower half of the lighthouse and the lens tower.

The Fresnel lens is beautiful. The gentleman that gave the lens tour was dressed in his uniform. He was a perfect lighthouse tour guide. The downstair area tour is filled with the lighthouse keepers tools. The white cloth the lighthouse keepers used over their clothing so they didn’t scratch the lens is on the wall. It amazed me how this lens & the lighthouse keeper saved so many lives. I was surprised that each lighthouse along the coast has its own signal to stop ships from disaster.

Coquille River Lighthouse

This lighthouse is near Bullards Beach State Park. The tower room is closed in this lighthouse. The lower half of the lighthouse is used as a gift shop. There are two volunteers in the gift shop to answer questions. Also, two volunteers to stamp passport books & work the register.

Cape Arago Lighthouse was too foggy to see when we stopped by. The lighthouse and grounds are closed to the public. The bridge to the island was removed in 2012. You can see the lighthouse from the Cape Arago Highway if your lucky.

Happy Lighthouse Fun!

Lighthouse Passport Stamps




11 thoughts on “Lighthouse Fun in June 2016

  1. Loved reading about these lighthouses, Janet! Did you take your toad or are these RV-accessible? I always wonder when we see signs on the main roads to attractions like these whether we can get our rig back there or not. If not, is there a place nearby where you stayed so you could drive your tow/towed vehicle?

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