An unpleasant surprise

I haven’t blogged for awhile because we found out Kevin had skin cancer on his neck. I cancelled everything. I cancelled all our reservations on the Oregon/Washington coast for the Summer. We were on our way to a FMCA Lewis & Clark rally at Whalers Rest in South Beach, Oregon. I cancelled the rally. We made an appointment at a skin center in Placerville, California. The doctor removed the cancer. Kevin has skin checks every 6 months now. I understand that many of us like to lay out in the sun without sunscreen. Our Vitamin D fix is important to us. We like to play at the lakes or deserts without using sunscreen. Its time to stop that. Kevin and I found out just how important it is to wear sunscreen. 😦  Please wear sunscreen 


After, the appointment. We put it all  behind us. We decided to have a pizza planning meeting. Kevin and I put our heads together and made the decision to drive back up to the Oregon/Washington coast for the Summer. I made all new reservations. I hope that’s the last we have heard of cancer. Oregon/Washington Coast here we come.

Happy RVing!



11 thoughts on “An unpleasant surprise

  1. I am so sorry you had this bad scare. However, speaking as a geneticist may I gently and respectively suggest you stop beating yourself up for not wearing sunscreen. Sunscreen, or lack thereof, is only one of several factors involved in who gets skin cancer. Other factors include genetics, immune functioning, age, gender and things you have no control over like having preexisting moles. I would stop kicking yourselves for not wearing sunscreen and instead try to rethink this as “Thank goodness we were smart enough to get appropriate medical care and treatment in a timely fashion. We saved our future good times from cancer.” And I would also be thinking “We now know Hubby Dearest is one of those who absolutely positively SHOULD be wearing sunscreen and he will be using it from now on.” Try to rethink this not as we failed to do something we should have done, because you are not being fair to yourself, but rather we took something bad and made it good. And last, here’s my best wishes for a complete and full recovery and no reoccurrences in future.

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  2. So sorry to hear about Kevin’s skin cancer. But for most of us, the damage has already been done when we were young and sunscreen wasn’t a thing. My mother has had melanoma twice and thankfully it was caught very early. She, too, has six month checkup and a chest x-ray every year. Did Kevin have melanoma or basal cell? But, yes, we need to wear sunscreen! We wear it all the time and have recently gone to larger brim hats (which I can’t stand). Hope this is Kevin’s first and last:)

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  3. Always so scary…had my first basal three years our first week going full time. I’lL never forget that call in the Mark Twain forest! I hope he continues to be cancer free…hugs!

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  4. So glad that this is done for now and that you can go forward from here with good information. We are also guilty of this and need to be more diligent with the sunscreen, too. I’m just sorry you guys had this happen. I’m sure that was a big shock indeed. 😦

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  5. How great you caught it early. It’s a scary diagnosis. My hubby has had several basal cell skin cancers removed and one squamous cell. The last one means you need to be checked every 3 months for a few years. He now applies sunscreen daily and usually wears a hat outside. He loves the outdoors and we’re not letting it slow us down. He’s back to seeing a dermtologist twice a year.

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  6. Janet, Skin cancer is scary no matter what kind it is. Bob had a major basal skin cancer extraction from his neck last November. It had gone down to a nerve in his neck. The cancer was removed. Now, he has a lump in his old scar. They biopsied it and it is more basal cell carcinoma in the same place. Bob has lots of skin cancer in his family. It’s something Bob has to be very careful about. He wears a wide-brimmed hat when he’s out running and puts on suntan lotion. I understand what you’re going through.


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  7. That is so scary and glad Kevin caught his at an early stage. I do wear sunscreen since I out and about most of the time but there are days that I forgot to slather it on. Take care and enjoy the west coast, we will be there in fall.

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