I served in the US Army during the mid-80’s and I was stationed in Germany. I met some friends that liked to volksmarch. We had some good times volksmarching in Germany. I recently saw an article in the Escapee Magazine by Travel Bug  on volksmarching. I’ve also followed her adventures on her blog for several years so I’ve heard of her volksmarching adventures before. She inspired me enough to find the American Volkssport Association.

The Yachats Coastal Gems Volkssport Club in Florence, Oregon has a YRE/seasonal volksmarch. This YRE/seasonal volksmarch is called A Walk by Three Lakes. Kevin and I decided to walk the 5k event.  I found the walk online under events on the American Volkssport Association website then we walked inside the Sportsman and asked for the “start box.”

We also found a geocache in a tree during our walk. It was placed on the volksmarch trail so we decided to combine geocaching & volkssporting. I saw a non-poisonous snake by our geocache. It slithered harmlessly into the brush. Kevin found the geocache hanging from a tree.

A bear warning was posted on the trail. It seems a bear was near the trail a few days before our walk. It was a good walk around the lake.

Down below is a picture of the walking instructions we picked up at the Sportsman in Florence, Oregon. The club will stamp your event record book for credit at the Sportsman. The picture gives you an idea of what the volkssporting instructions look like. 🙂

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

Happy RVing!

American Volkssport Association


4 thoughts on “Volkssporting

  1. Janet,Thank you for the shout out. It means a lot to.me.
    I’m glad you did a Volksmarch. Hopefully you’ll get back into doing more Volksmarches. I hope we can do a walk together sometime! Susan

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