Astoria Farmer Market in Oregon

Astoria Sunday Farmer Market
Cooking and shopping for food brings rhythm and meaning to life. Alice Waters

I was shy about buying food at the local farmer markets but once I overcame my shyness. I learn about different veggies & fruits by talking to the local vendors. It can be intimidating at a farmer market but remember … I know that the idea of going outside your comfort zone can be scary, but you won’t be able to grow as a person if you never take chances.  by Neal Donald Walsch

This market was filled with people. Music was playing in the food vendor area. It’s a good size farmers market. I get excited when I see a market this size. I saw fish, smoked salmon, local arts & crafts, local veggies & fruits, food, nuts, flowers, soap, handmade musical instruments, bread, desserts, humus & lots of food samples. This is an excellent farmers market. I like the local artist’s booths. I bought a new Puffin shopping bag. (its below)

These are the things I bought at the farmers market.

FullSizeRender (7).jpg

A locally made Puffin shopping bag, two smoked salmon, zucchini, two squash, fresh apples, red onion, onion & a tomato.

Happy Farmers Market Day!

 This Local Harvest Calendar lists what veggies, fruit & herbs are in season.


2 thoughts on “Astoria Farmer Market in Oregon

  1. Wow, looks wonderful! The one time I ventured by myself (it was a nice walking distance from our campground) to go to one, it was not set up-holiday weekend and everyone left this small town for the holiday! We’re just never in the right place at the right time!

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