Lewis & Clark Expedition


We camped at Seaside Thousand Trails in Oregon. The Lewis & Clark Trail ends here. There are several Lewis & Clark places to visit here. These are the Lewis & Clark places we visited.

Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center

The object of your mission…..Find the Pacific Ocean. Thomas Jefferson

The Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center overlooks the Columbia river and the Pacific Ocean. It includes exhibits for the Cape Disappointment and North Head Lighthouse.


Lewis & Clark Historical Park

The Lewis & Clark National Historical Park has hiking, a visitor center, a display fort and friendly staff. The Fort Clatsop visitor center has many of the Lewis & Clark national passport stamps. There is an exhibit hall, orientation films, a bookstore, living history programs, and staff to answer questions. Kevin and I walked to the fort and looked inside. A volunteer was inside to answer any questions visitors had. She mentioned that most of the time the Lewis & Clark expedition lived here it rained. That’s the Pacific Northwest.

Lewis & Clark Salt Works

We also saw the Lewis & Clark Salt Works. The expedition ran out of salt before their arrival at Fort Clatsop for the Winter. Salt was important for curing meat. A descent of the Clatsop indian was told the story of the salt works. Her father remembered seeing the white men boiling water here and pointed out the site to her when she was a young girl.

After, we saw the salt works we walked along the ocean. We found a geocache in the area. It was in a nicely decorated container. The geocache was filled with swag. The owner did a good job taking care of this cache.

Happy Exploring!

National Park & National Monument  Kevin and I have seen.


2 thoughts on “Lewis & Clark Expedition

  1. We visited this area years ago on a motorcycle trip. Seaside is the only town we have ever been totally rainout in. It poured all day long and we lost a day of our trip. I taught about Lewis and Clark Exploration so I was excited to visit Fort Clatsop and the Historic Park. The following year the fort burned. I was glad to hear they immediately rebuilt it. Fun place!

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