Mt Vernon Thousand Trails in Washington Adventures

Our first day at Mt Vernon Thousand Trails we drove to Whidbey Island for a volksmarch. The volksmarch is called the Historic Fort Casey. We walk along the water edge to Fort Casey and the Admiralty Head Lighthouse. The walk was a 5k. Fort Casey was interesting to see. It was completed in 1907.

We saw several big guns, a communication center, gun room, powder rooms and more. The lighthouse has limited hours to visit but we made it in time to see inside. I like looking at the fresnel lenses the different lighthouses use. This lighthouse had two small lens on display.

La Conner Volksmarch

We found the start box at Farmhouse Restaurant for this volksmarch. The start box has the stamp for the volksmarch and the instructions for the walk. The La Conner walk started at the marina. We walked along the marina, boardwalk and into the small city of La Conner. Volksmarching is a good way to see new places. I liked walking in La Conner. This small town had many quaint shops, restaurants and art work throughout the town.

Bow Little Market 

This farmer’s market was small. The market had wood art, jewelry makers, soap makers, plants, a few veggie vendors, food & sometimes music. I found a few veggies here. It was mostly local artist not many veggie vendors here. Open Thur 1-6

Mt Vernon Farmers Market

Kevin and I went to the Saturday morning Mt Vernon Farmers Market. This farmers market was great. There are at least 12 veggies and fruit vendors here. I saw woodworking, jewelry, glass art, jean purses, food, Swedish pancakes, herbs and friendly vendors. We bought corn, a tomato, bell peppers, zucchini, fresh english muffins, cinnamon hazelnut biscotti and a new herb the vendor tells me is like cilantro on steroids. I tried it in my stir fry and fajitas. I like cilantro better. Why? cilantro smell and tastes better. Lesson Learned!

Mukilteo Lighthouse

This lighthouse is only open during the weekend for tours. It was built in 1906. The motto of Carl W. Leick. the architect who designed this lighthouse was, “Build ’em stout and make ‘ em last.” He did.

Mount Vernon Volksmarch

The Mount Vernon Volksmarch is through a residential area with nice views of the Skagit River. There is a 5k/10k/20k walk. We walked the 5k through the town with its unique shops and restaurants. The start box is at the Red Apple Market.

Next, Kevin and I camped at Tall Chief RV Park in Fall City to attend a volksmarching event, a mega geocache ape event 2016, and explore Seattle Washington.

Kevin and Janet Volksmarching Adventures

Bird Spotting

Happy RVing!


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