Tall Chief RV Park in Washington

We camped at Tall Chief RV Park in Fall City, Washington. The campground is about 30 minutes from Seattle.

Seattle Adventure

Kevin and I arrived in Seattle about 7:00 am. We immediately walked to the famous Starbucks on 1912 Pike St. This is the first Starbucks ever opened. I was shocked by how empty it was. We were told to expect big lines. Kevin had his usual Pikes Peak coffee and I had my skinny vanilla latte within 10 minutes of walking into the coffee shop. This Starbucks has no sitting areas but the coffee was fantastic.

Then, we walked to Pike Place Fish Market to see the employees toss fish to each other. 🙂 They’re loud and happy workers. Pike Place Market was a nice experience early in the morning.  It cost us $14.00 for early bird parking.

Then, we went on the Bill Speidel’s Seattle Underground Tour. This cost us about $19.00 each. While the Portland underground tour was focused on ghost stories, shanghaiing men and human trafficking. The Seattle tour guide was filled with stories about the gold rush and how the underground was built in Seattle. Both the Portland Underground tour and the Seattle Underground tour were interesting. I’m glad we went to both tours.

Next, the Klondike National Historical Park. We saw a short movie about the 1897 gold rush and walked around the museum a bit. I learned that in Dawson City and Seattle more fortunes were made off miners than by mining for the average guy.

The next day we drove to the Fremont Troll. This statue was build on Halloween in 1990. There are several books written with the Fremont Troll mentioned. Also, some very strange myths regarding the troll. I’ve read about portals near this troll in fantasy and paranormal books. The Troll is thought to be the Center of the Universe. We didn’t see any of those things but we did find a nice statue of a troll and a well maintained geocache here. There were people taking pictures of this popular troll when we got there. It was a fun visit but the streets getting here were very narrow.

Lightship Swiftsure #83

This lightship was built with sails in 1904 (8 years before the Titanic). Lightships were built very seaworthy. They generally are anchored offshore as floating lighthouses to guide ships in and out of safe harbor channels.

The Light at the end of the Tunnel Volksmarching Event

The light at the end of the Tunnel volksmarch 5k event was in the same area as the Mega Ape Geocaching Event 2016. Kevin and I did the 5k volksmarch first. We saw a view of the Keechelus Lake. It was a nice morning walk. I felt bad for the people who waited to walk until the late morning. It was starting to get very hot.

Mega Ape Geocache Event 2016

We walked over to the Mega Ape Event from the volksmarching event. Both events had full  parking lots. There were several people demonstrating different geocaches.

The ape log was available for pictures. I bought an ape coin and visited the trackable area. I deposited my Prissy Prideful Deadly Duck trackable on the trackable table and picked up a Generation Gen outdoor trackable.

I had a good time. Kevin and I got a picture with the ape. The event lines weren’t too bad. We didn’t walk through the tunnel but we did have a good time at both events.

Happy RVing!

Next, Kevin and I traveled to Glacier National Park.


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