Grant-Kohr Historic Site in Montana

“The great unfenced ranches, in the days of ‘free grass’ are a temporary stage in our history.” Theodore Roosevelt 

We camped at Indian Creek Campground in Montana to explore the Grant-Kohr Historic Site.


The Grant-Kohr Historic Site preserves the memory of the hard-working cowboys and the role of the cattlemen in American history. There is a lot of cowboy stuff here. I found it interesting that Kohr’s cattle once grazed over ten million acres. That’s the size of the entire country of Switzerland.  We went on a tour of the original ranch house. The ranch house is well preserved. We visited the historic site during the 100 year celebration of the National Park system.

The site featured real cowboy coffee & good conversation at the chuckwagon.The blacksmith gave a demonstration on making a ring.

During the afternoon there was demonstrations on candlemaking, butter turning & more.

I had a good time talking to a fellow RVer that volunteers here. The RVer’s volunteer here and get full hookups at the Indian Creek Campground.

Happy RVing!

National Park Places We Visited

National Park Stamps at Grant-Kohr National Site Visitor Center

FullSizeRender (17)


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