Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming

To me a lush carpet of pine needles or spongy grass is more
welcome than the most luxurious Persian rug.
                                                                                 – Helen Keller

Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming
The first National Monument in America.
No Close Encounters here just….

Birding & Wildlife

We saw a Belted Kingfisher on a wire near our campsite. He would fly off to hunt for food sometimes. A Mountain Bluebird, American Robin and Brewer’s Blackbird were also at our site. On our walk we saw three white-tailed deer in the campground area. This American Red Squirrel made trills squeaks chatter at us during our volksmarch at Devils Tower.

Prairie Dogs

The black-tailed prairie dogs are so cute. They live in a 40 acres area near the campground in a place called prairie dog “town.” I had a good time watching them call out to each other for awhile then they just got to be annoying. They communicate with barks & yips. A few prairie dogs escaped prairie dog town. The escapees communicated a great deal when our yorkie was near them. 🙂


There is a virtual geocache at the Devils Tower. A physical geocache isn’t allowed on National Park lands so a virtual cache is perfect. The geocache is on one of the hikes at Devils Tower. I did my best to find the exact gps coordinates. Now, we have a Wyoming geocache badge on our profile at the website.


There is a volksmarch here at Devils Tower. We did the 8 kilometer walk. The volksmarch is hosted by the Black Hills Volkssport Association. On the volksmarch we saw this balancing rock and a few brave rock climbers. The views on this volksmarch are beautfiul. The rock climbers are near the wooden ladder constructed in 1893. The first climber was William Rodger he climbed the devils tower using the wooden ladder and ran a American flag up a flagpole while thousand of people cheered him on.

Favorite Campground

We dry camped at Belle Fourche Campground. Our dry camping site is A-10. At the campsite we had a view of the sky and a sliver view of the devil tower. It was quiet at our campsite so I slept well here. I like our view. The campground has two loops A & B. The campground had a few campers when we pulled in Sunday at 12:00 but by late afternoon loop A was almost full.

What the Indians think of Devils Tower?

The South Lakota Indians consider the Devils Tower a sacred place. The Indians tie prayer cloth, prayer bundles or prayer ribbons to things throughout the tower. Its a quiet place for meditation.

I think its an incredible geological formation to experience. It was well worth our time to camp at this National Monument.

Happy RVing!

New Birds & Wildlife for us

Black-tailed Prairie Dog

Belted Kingfisher

Our National Park & Monuments List

Three National Park Stamps at the Visitor Center

Happy RVing!

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10 thoughts on “Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming

  1. Hello, looks like a great campsite. The view of the Devil Tower is fabulous. I love the cute Prairie Dogs and the Kingfisher. The squirrel is cute too. Great photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!


  2. We’ll be doing the Devils Tower Volksmarch in June 2017 on our way to the American Volkssport Association in Billings, MT. When will you be coming through Texas? Do you plan to stop in San Antonio? We plan to head to Washington, DC, in Oct. 2017. Maybe we’ll see you somewhere and can do some walks!!


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