Southern Utah Adventure II

“In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks.”-John Muir

Cedar Breaks National Monument

There are many scenic spots in this monument. I was enjoying them and didn’t get any photos of them.(Sorry)  The photos above are all shots with my iphone. The leaves are starting to change here. The yellows, greens and some bright orange colors are showing. In our area of Southern California we didn’t see much color changes in the Fall. This is a treat for us.

I did find out how Cedar Breaks National Monument was named. The settlers mistook the Juniper trees in the lower level for Cedar. The “breaks” comes from the early settlers in the region, who called any terrain too steep for wagon travel “breaks” or “badlands.”

The canyons at Cedar Breaks National Monument are so colorful and big. Kevin and I hiked the Alpine Pond Trail. Its a 2-mile round trip hike. The trail was refreshing to hike. We only saw one person on the trail.

However, we did see several birds on the trail and a squirrel that ran up a tree with a nut. His nut fell to the ground. He made loud noises while running down the tree to find his nut. The squirrel was good entertainment.

Farmers Market in St George 

This Farmers Market is located in St George is on Saturday at 8 am. I saw at least 12 vendors at the farmers market. The vendors were friendly to us RV Texans. Then we noticed a rodeo parade by the farmers market.  It looked just like the local parades in California.  🙂

New Veggie Experiment 

 I’m experimenting with a new veggie. The vendor called it patty pan or summer squash. It looks like a white flying saucer. lol  I sliced the patty pan then sauteed it in butter. It was excellent.


Kevin found a geocache near our campground. He likes the Cachly app. I use the Geocaching app. They both are good apps to find a geocache. This geocache is near an old wagon trail. Kevin and I walking under this bridge (in picture) to find the geocache. It was thrilling. The moment of finding the cache is an awesome feeling. That was my big “high” for the day.

Our Campground Site

We camped at St George/KOA Campground using our rpi membership at $13.00 a night for 50 amp full hookups. The campground was quiet. It was a bit tight in some sites but ours was perfect. We had afternoon shade, no neighbors and a beautiful red mountain in front of us during the week. We also had satellite reception but intermittent cell service for at&t and verizon. Having minimum internet is tough on us. Kevin and I like to stay in touch with family & friends with social media.

Weekend at the Campground

The campground started to fill up Friday night. We no longer had plenty of room to relax outside but we had a good conversation with our neighbor. Good Conversation means a great deal to me especially if we are going to share a close camping area with another couple. This is a picture (down below) of our campsite before the weekend crowd.


Overall, this campground was a good home base for us to explore the area during football season(satellite).

Happy RVing!

Next, Kevin and I are camping near Canyonland National Park and Arches National Park in Moab, Utah.

Bird Spotting

  • Victoria’s Warbler
  • Ruffed Grouse

National Park Stamps for Cedar Breaks National Monument

The photo challenge this week is your Quest. My quest is to achieve the 2016 Master Traveler Award Silver this year. Kevin and I need one more stamp in New Mexico to achieve this goal.




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