Moab Utah

It is possible from here to gaze down on the backs of soaring birds.” -Edward Abbey

Canyonland National Park


Beautiful Canyonland National Park

Kevin and I hiked the Grand View Rim Trail at Canyonland Nt Pk. It’s a 2-mile hike along the Grand View Point Overlook. The hike was well maintained. I enjoyed the views of the canyon below. We also hiked the 1/2 mile Mesa Arch Trail. There is a nice view through the arch but too many tourist for me to get a good photo.

We saw a Hopi Chipmunk and a Canyon Wren along the trail. The formations here are beautiful and funny looking

Arches National Park

Arches National Park has around 2,000 arches in the park.
The arch in the picture below is called The Double Arch.


Landscape Arch 
in the picture below


The trail to Landscape Arch is marked with a small pile of rocks called Cairns. Its an easy trail to follow. I enjoyed the views on the walk. Kevin and I had a good time here. The early morning air was fresh. The sun shone just right for a morning walk.

We saw several beautiful arches, funny looking rocks and had a good hike at Arches National Park.


Kevin and I had some time to relax at a rest stop on the way to Moab. We decided to look for a geocache. Kevin found a movie geocache at a rest stop on Cachly. The cache was filled with VCR’s and one DVD. Kevin and I left a blue ray Simpson DVD. We like to leave the cache better than we found it. I enjoyed the excitement of the hunt.

Moab Farmers Market

It was raining the day of the market but some vendors were there. We picked up some apricot butter, fresh corn, peaches and pears. Nice vendors! Nice Market!

Happy RVing!

Next, Kevin and I are going to explore Hovenweep National Monument and Natural Bridges National Monument in Utah.

Bird Spotting

  • Canyon Wren

Wildlife Spotting

  • Hopi Chipmunk

National Park Stamps in Moab


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